Situational Awareness=> Satellite, Radar, & Cloud-to-Ground Lightning

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Satellite images (left to right): Visible, Infrared, Water Vapor

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WSR88D Radar 0.5 deg Base Refl. (l to r) : GRK (Granger-Central Texas); EWX (New Braunfels); FWS (Fort Worth-Dallas)
[WSR88D Velocity-Azimuth Display Wind Profiles
for the same radar sites as above listed: GRK EWX FWD]

Left: Composite of WSR-88D 0.5 deg scans for South Central U.S. ][ Right: Latest Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Strikes (Click in blank space to go to the latest lightning map)

[Caution: Lightning strike data may be delayed up to 30 minutes. Do NOT use the lightning strike display for safety purposes. Because of the delay, it may not display current lightning near your location.]
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