Severe Convective Weather Outlooks
(Issued by the NWS Storm Prediction Center)
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Left to Right: a) SPC Day-1 Tornado Probability Outlook, b) SPC Day-1 Categorical Convective Outlook

Left to Right: a) SPC Day-2 Tornado Probability Outlook, b) SPC Day-2 Categorical Convective Outlook

 SPC Day-3 Categorical Outlook

Left to Right: SPC Days 1, 2 & 3 Categorical Outlooks focused on Texas
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[Probabilities referred to on these graphics is the probability of one or more severe events1 within 25 miles of any point in the particular shaded area].
1 Severe events means a tornado, or hail 1 inch diameter or larger, or damaging winds of at least 58 mph.
 [SPC does not issue graphical outlooks beyond Day-3 unless the severe probability is at least 15%]
SPC Discussion (text only) for Days 4-8
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U.S. Weather Hazards for Days 3-7 from NOAA Weather Prediction Center

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SPC Fire Weather Outlooks

The Storm Prediction Center also issues Fire Weather Outlooks. The graphical products are displayed on this page only when portions of Central Texas are included, but the links that follow will take you to SPC pages that include both graphics and text. Day-1 Fire Weather Outlook  Day-2 Fire Weather Outlook  Days 3-8 Fire Weather Outlooks (Note: The extended (Days 3-8) product is considered experimental at this time.