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Because of recent thunderstorms and associated lightning, many cameras on this page are not updating.
L-R: (1) Lake Belton from Dead Fish Grill, (2) Goldthwaite (Mills County), (3) Waco ISD Cam, Waco, (4) Amarillo, TX (east), (5) Red River, NM
L-R: (1) U.T Tower, Austin, (2) Austin from KXAN studio, (3) Lake Travis from The Oasis, (4) UMHB Stadium, Belton , (5) Phoenix, AZ (South Mtn.)
L-R: (1) Along IH-14 in Killeen, (2) KXAN Tower cam (Austin), (3) Downtown Albuquerque, NM,  (4) Kilauea Caldera from HVO, (5) Los Angeles Int'l. Airport
L-R: (1) Great Smokey Mtns. NP, (2) Black Canyon-Gunnison Rvr., CO, (3) Bryan-College Stn., TX, (4) Univ. of Arizona at Tucson, (5) Teton Pass, Wy
L-R: (1) IH-14 in Killeen, (2) Texas Tech (Lubbock, facing south), (3) South Padre Island Beach, Texas, (4) Marienplatz, Munich, Germany
L-R: (1) Aspen Mtn. Ski Cam, Aspen, (2) Spring Creek Ranch near Jackson Hole, (3) Zion N.P., Utah, (4) Luton's Teton Cabins, WY, (5) Cumbres Pass, NM