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Forecast Discussion

Cool mornings and warm afternoons will continue through Friday as pleasant springtime weather prevails. Unfortunately, the weekend will see showers and thunderstorms scattered across Central Texas, with the threat being maximized Saturday afternoon and evening. AT this time, it appears any threat of severe storms will remain up near the Red River. Slim rain chances will continue into early next week. Beyond this weekend, I don't see any major changes in temperatures, and rainfall will be sparse, through the first day or two of April, followed by a threat of renewed showers and thunderstorms thereafter (i.e. beyond April 2nd). Enjoy!

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Weather radar from sites in Texas and elsewhere
Situational Awareness page for Central Texas
Skycams from around Texas and elsewhere
Upper Air Data and Analyses for U.S. and Europe
Severe Storm Outlooks & U.S. Weather Hazards
Local NWSFO products (Warning/Watch/Routine)
Tropical Weather Page covering current storms WPC forecast products & CPC outlook products Local Climate and Station Precipitation Records
Observed & Forecast Upper Air Soundings Weather Research and Weather History Central Texas Lake Levels (updated Mar. 14th)

Current National Surface Map, Visible Satellite, Nexrad Radar, and Lightning Strike Map
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L to R: 1) Radar composite centered on Central Texas; 2) Central Texas (KGRK) WSR-88D radar 0.5 deg elev.; 3) New Braunfels (KEWX) WSR-88D radar 0.5 deg elev.; 4) Latest Cloud-to-ground lightning)
[Caveat: Lightning strike data may be delayed up to 30 minutes. (3) Do NOT attempt to use the lightning strike display for safety purposes. Because of the delay, it may not display current lightning near your location.]

Latest National Weather Map

hort-Range National Forecast Maps

L to R: Day-1, Day-2 and Day-3 Weather Forecast Maps from the NOAA Weather Prediction Center
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 Hazardous Weather Outlooks
From the NWS Forecast Offices responsible for Central Texas counties.
Fort Worth (FWD) / Austin-San Antonio (EWX) / Houston-Galveston (HGX) / San Angelo (SJT)
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To most of us, the 4th of July means a day off from work spent with family and friends, perhaps going to a parade, having a barbeque or watching fireworks. But Independence Day signifies so much more. It not only honors the birthday of our country, but the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which tells us that we are all "created equal."

Seasonal Drought Monitor (left) and Outdoor Burn Bans (right)

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Other WSR-88D radar sites in and around Central Texas (click on the radar site name):  [Fort Worth] [New Braunfels] [Del Rio] [San Angelo] [Abilene] [Shreveport] [Houston] [Corpus Christi] [Brownsville] [Midland] [Lubbock] [Amarillo]
(The preceding image used with the permission of Paul Sirvatka at the College of DuPage Meteorology Program.)

Tornado Outbreaks Spawned by Tropical Cyclones at Landfall
The subject of tornadoes produced by landfalling tropical cyclones (tropical storms and hurricanes) has been a fascination (and a research interest) of mine for years. After working through several iterations of the research, the final manuscript was submitted an the A.M.S. journal. The A.M.S. journals, like most scientific publications, subject proposed articles to a formal peer review process. My manuscript was published in the April, 2004 issue of Weather and Forecasting. Here is a link to the article.

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